Refrigerator Truck Rental Service

Dubai Trucks offers tailor-made solutions for transporting perishable goods. 

All our trucks are set up to function according to cold chain regulations and to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. This extra flexibility between trades helps us serve our customers well.

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Ability To Operate Your Business


Dubai Trucks provides you the ability to operate your business with the best service. With preventive operations, maintenance and repairs, you don’t have to worry about a technical issue coming up on your refrigerated truck. Our Full Service allows us to take full responsibility for the life of your vehicle.

We Provide:

  • 24/7/365 assistance;
  • Supply of tyres, fluids and lubricants;
  • Replacement of the vehicle in the event of an accident or immobilisation;
  • Maintenance of the refrigeration unit, the truck and its equipment;
  • Customize your truck with your colors;
  • Mandatory and preventive controls for the heavy goods vehicle and its equipment: cab, axles, chassis, mirrors, refrigerated body, engine, transmission.